family tribe

The past week for me involved many conversations with both existing and new contacts. These conversations have taken a variety of forms, however there was a common theme that stood out.

From discussing new and exciting business opportunities, to becoming a godparent for the second time, to visiting the local RSL for the members draw, the people you are surrounded by form your “family” or your “tribe”.

Now it may be a reflection of my upbringing, and I must say I was fortunate to be raised within a supportive environment, but families stick together through everything no matter what is happening. Whether it be building new businesses through engaging a tribe of followers, or becoming a member of another family through new responsibilities… they are all based on the trust that you will do all you possibly can to help the tribe grow.

So in the coming days, recognise those in your tribes and ask “Would I do everything possible to ensure the tribe is growing and striving for success?”. If the answer is no, then choose to either challenge the tribe to step up or focus on how you can bring success to the tribe.

Have an awesome week!