This week saw epic victories on a sporting front. The Queensland State of Origin and the Australian Rugby Union teams both created victories when the odds were clearly stacked against them. Their ability to overcome the underdog tag was something that bought hope to a state and a nation.

To skyrocket the likelihood of getting the desired results, each of the teams bought in quality advisors skilled in essential areas. Technical skills, Leadership skills, Mentors with big game experience… all these resources were added to strengthen existing skill sets. This addition created opportunities to add clarity to their operations and ensure the team’s momentum was enhanced.

To experience the upside of being able to think outside the box, here are 3 ways to include an independent perspective to solve your pain points:

  1. Include the team – As business owners, we often set the expectation on ourselves that “because we are the boss… we should know everything”. This is a lot of pressure and can limit your growth potential. Leverage the skill sets of your team members and ask for their ideas… sometimes it’s those at the front line who know what customers really want.
  2. Formalise Mentors & Buddies – having experienced people within your business, both able and prepared to invest in other team members, will provide an opportunity for regular contact and consistently be growing their knowledge base. This consistent access will fast track their development… feeding their desire to move up in the business.
  3. External Perspective – having a resource not involved in the day to day, helps all in the business consider other ways to create growth. Different ideas, complimentary experiences and added skill sets, brings even more options to the table. “You are doing this currently and it’s causing frustration…. what’s driving you to keep doing the same thing and continuing to be frustrated?” Regularly asking those questions that unlock value is a valuable skill to add to your business.

Being unclear on your vision and direction can be a momentum killer. Independent perspectives will bring new thought patterns and drive efficiencies… opening up opportunities to smash your expectations.

If these tips would help someone in your networks, please forward on to them. If you want to implement these strategies and want to know where to start, let’s chat as we’d love to get you moving forward.

Cheers and have another awesome week!